How it all started

Ocean CoCreate story
"Look in the mirror, consider your talents, and think about how you might use them to make a difference. Some have artistic skills, others are good with numbers or have a way with words. Everyone has power to make a difference as an individual, or by joining the company of others who share a common goal. The key is in knowing that what you do matters, including doing nothing!"

– Dr. Sylvia Earle
For us, beauty always meant the world. Whether it is sipping coffee from a vintage cup, looking out into a nice view, travelling to the most heart fluttering places around the world. Our work too has always been driven by the study of and search for beauty — whether it is a private event that we designed and shot, or a commercial production for a hospitality brand. We are inspired by visual grace and we strive to create it.

Yet, it always felt like something was missing.
Followed by a number of projects we created together in beautiful places by the sea, our conversations somehow always turned to the ocean — its beauty, its strengths, and the problems it's now facing.

Sandra often talked about ocean with her amazing little boy Elias too. He is always very eager to learn about nature and how we as humans form our relationships with our natural surroundings. The more he learned about the negative impact human activities have on the ocean in particular, the more passionate he became about doing everything he could in his power to help.

Seeing this passion and eagerness in a little kid, our adults self have finally realised that it is our duty to use our skills and artistic power to help create a better future, — for us, for little kids, for all humanity.

Oceans comprise over 70% of our planet surface. Ocean is the reason we live. Ocean is what helps us breathe, ocean is what feeds us. Saving the oceans is the quest towards saving the humanity too.

Every great change starts small. Not everyone can or should dedicate their life to activism or politics. Being on the front line of the barricades is not the only way to fight. We choose to fight with love, with grace, with beauty. We choose to do the small things that we can to bring the vision of a bright future to life. The future we can cocreate together.